Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today someone called me a dingbat. Now what does a dingbat mean? Being a D level in vocabulary, particularlyof the vituperative type, I had to go to An empty headed silly person, came the first meaning. Empty headed? No, that is unfair, silly? yes I am a part dingbat, silly but not empty in the upper storey.

I like picturesque abuse especially when it comes from a dear friend. I take it as a compliment.And compliments are to be returned. But then as i told u my vocab is poor. So I have to take the help of the subject in which I am strong. Reminds me of an incident when the students from Oxford University went to Billingsgate for a slanging match with the fisherwomen. They went red in the face hearaing the choicest and filthiest swearwords nd abuses from the hardy uncouth fishmongers. Pushed to the wall, they took out their geometry books and starting haurling one invective after another, U Tetrahedron, U equilateral trianagle, u spheroid, u trapezium, u ellipse, u quadrilateral, & c,. The poor fisherwomen knew they were beaten. they never heard of these before. Nor could they easily pick them up and remember for future use with their customers/competitors.. A gleeful oxford team returned to their hostel to celebrate with fish and chips! And Ale.
So I take the help of my forte, chemistry. My dear friend, wherever u r, u r a silly tarimethoxyphenylethylamine hydrochloride! U r a hydroquinone, u cannever ever become a methhylene diamine or an ester (esther williams) U r doomed to be a cyanocobalamin for your life!Dont ever aspire to be an aldehyde. U will ever remain a ketone. And if u ever cross swords with me again,I will subject u to a Hoffman's degradation and take the gas out of u.
Now who is the dingbat?
I have come to the conclusion " Some friends are wise, others are otherwise "