Saturday, March 22, 2008

Feeding Swans

Have u seen swans gliding by in the canal? They make a beautiful sight. I throw crumbs of bread into the water and they come in a fleet fast as arrows shot on the surface of water, their feet invisible but paddling furiously below the surface, to get at the crumbs, they fight among themselves,pecking each other with their beaks, till the the strongest one gets the crumb; and then the others cackle while the winner mocks at them. Survival of the fittest. No , there are more crumbs to follow, i strew dozens of them at various points in the canal so each one gets a chance to bend his neck and grab his grub. Having finished they glide along as if nothing had happened. I stand and gaze at them with awe and admiration. Graceful creatures but all too greedy!

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