Saturday, March 22, 2008

Windows of Perception ( With Apologies to Aldous Huxley)

Having a terrific hangover. Yesternight, I painted the town red. Went to a brown cafe and had a puff or two. Started levitating, the earth beneath my feet, coming up to engulf me, i running away, to escape the chasing damsel. Bide your time, foolish woman, I will when my time comes, be embedded in thee. But not now, I want to soar into the skies like an eagle, away from the cares of life, spreading my wings to catch a current which will carry me far far away, with an occasional flap of my wings, till my hawk eyes espy a chick raking muck in search of a worm,little knowing that she herself is a prey of the hungry predator. This flight of fancy lasted a while till i fumbled and took out the keys to my apartment and hit the bed like a ton of bricks. There I lay, in daelightful reverie seeing multicoloured lights impinging on my cortex, stimulating a babble of words, slowly forming themselves into a poem, which in my sober state always elude me. It is an unending flow, like a stream running down the hill, nudging its way through pebbles and rocks, through thickets and sand till it gets drained in the dreary nothingness of my mind. It is all blank now. The poesy has taken a flight. Mother earth has given up all hope of claiming me. It is feeling of down in the dumps after being up in the skies. I sleep and sleep till late in the morning, when i go to starbucks for my hot cuppa black coffee with lemon. It shakes off the cobwebs, the throbbing pain in the head is gone , a placid contemplative mood replacing it like the shop assistant rplaces yesterdays stale bread with a new loaf at the walmart. Gotta go to office now to pick up the threads of a job half done yesterday. Must tell Aucke never to take me to that brown cafe again.
Giving up pot is easy, I should know becaue i have done it a hundred times !

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