Saturday, March 22, 2008

Psychopath's Mind

Danny Harold Rolling was executed at Starke, Florida on 25h October, 2006 by lethal injection at 6 pm and declared dead at 6.13 pm. He was Florida's most notorious serial killer having gunned down five students at Gainesville in 1990 on the Florida University campus.

He was aged 52 having been in prison for 16 years. As the injection was bing pumped into his veins he kep t chanting " none greater than Thee,oh Lord, none greater than Thee"
He never expressed regrets/sorrow for what he did or ask for forgiveness even from the Lord whose name he uttered with his foul mouth in his last moments. Did he think that this chant would absolve him, expiate for his sins ,if at all he considerd he had sinned? Strange are the minds of psychopaths. They have one larage tumour for a brain and ingots of lead for nerve ganglions. Is there some x-ray machine that can scan and identify such people in our society, or are we doomed to live with these abominations in constant fear of life? In what ways do the fundamentalists, the terrorists differ from Rolling? In God's good world, why did He keep a place for these vermin? Only He can answer. Perhaps he himself does not know the answer.


Kappu said...

We protect psychopaths in the name of "fighting against death sentences". Now, what more can we say?

vasanth said...

Yes, u r right Kappu